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AB - Plasmid DNA is a promising vaccine platform that together with electroporation can elicit significant systemic antibody responses, however immunity at mucosal sites remains low. Here, we sought to program T and B cells to home to the gastro-intestinal and vaginal mucosa using genetic chemokine adjuvants and assessed their impact on immune homeostasis in various distinct immune compartments. Balb/c mice were immunized intramuscularly with plasmid DNA encoding a model antigen HIV-1 Env gp140 (gp140) and selected chemokines/cytokine and boosted intravaginally with gp140 recombinant protein. Isolated splenocytes, intestinal and genital lymphocytes as well as serum and intestinal luminal contents were assessed for antigen-specific reactivity. In addition, flow cytometric analysis was performed to determine the impact on immune homeostasis at these sites. Different molecular chemokine/cytokine adjuvants effected significant alterations to the recruitment of B and T cells to the spleen, vaginal and intestinal mucosae, for example CCL25 enhanced splenic and vaginal antigen-specific T cell responses while CCL28 increased the levels of specific T cells only in the vaginal mucosa. The levels of antibody could be modulated in the systemic circulation, as well as the vaginal vault and intestinal lumen, with CCL20 playing a central role. Our data demonstrate that the CCL20, CCL25 and CCL28 genetic chemokine adjuvants enhance the vaccine antigen-specific humoral and cellular responses and induce homing to the intestinal and female genital mucosae.
AU - Aldon,Y
AU - Kratochvil,S
AU - Shattock,R
AU - McKay,P
PY - 2020///
SN - 0022-1767
TI - Chemokine-adjuvanted plasmid DNA induces homing of antigen-specific and non-Antigen-specific B and T cells to the intestinal and genital mucosae
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