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White RE, Calderwood MA, Whitehouse A, 2003, Generation and precise modification of a herpesvirus salmiri bacterial artificial chromosome demonstrates that the terminal repeats are required for both virus production and episomal persistence, JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY, Vol: 84, Pages: 3393-3403, ISSN: 0022-1317

Journal article

White RE, Wade-Martins R, Hart SL, Frampton J, Huey B, Desai-Mehta A, Cerosaletti KM, Concannon P, James MRet al., 2003, Functional delivery of large genomic DNA to human cells with a peptide-lipid vector, JOURNAL OF GENE MEDICINE, Vol: 5, Pages: 883-892, ISSN: 1099-498X

Journal article

White RE, Wade-Martins R, James MR, 2002, Infectious delivery of 120-kilobase genomic DNA by an Epstein-Barr virus amplicon vector, MOLECULAR THERAPY, Vol: 5, Pages: 427-435, ISSN: 1525-0016

Journal article

White RE, Wade-Martins R, James MR, 2001, Sequences adjacent to oriP improve the persistence of Epstein-Barr virus-based episomes in B cells, JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, Vol: 75, Pages: 11249-11252, ISSN: 0022-538X

Journal article

Wade-Martins R, White RE, Kimura H, Cook PR, James MRet al., 2000, Stable correction of a genetic deficiency in human cells by an episome carrying a 115 kb genomic transgene, NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, Vol: 18, Pages: 1311-1314, ISSN: 1087-0156

Journal article

Schuler GD, Boguski MS, Stewart EA, Stein LD, Gyapay G, Rice K, White RE, RodriguezTome P, Aggarwal A, Bajorek E, Bentolila S, Birren BB, Butler A, Castle AB, Chiannilkulchai N, Chu A, Clee C, Cowles S, Day PJR, Dibling T, Drouot N, Dunham I, Duprat S, East C, Edwards C, Fan JB, Fang N, Fizames C, Garrett C, Green L, Hadley D, Harris M, Harrison P, Brady S, Hicks A, Holloway E, Hui L, Hussain S, LouisDitSully C, Ma J, MacGilvery A, Mader C, Maratukulam A, Matise TC, McKusick KB, Morissette J, Mungall A, Muselet D, Nusbaum HC, Page DC, Peck A, Perkins S, Piercy M, Qin F, Quackenbush J, Ranby S, Reif T, Rozen S, Sanders C, She X, Silva J, Slonim DK, Soderlund C, Sun WL, Tabar P, Thangarajah T, VegaCzamy N, Vollrath D, Voyticky S, Wilmer T, Wu X, Adams MD, Auffray C, Walter NAR, Brandon R, Dehejia A, Goodfellow PN, Houlgatte R, Hudson JR, Ide SE, Iorio KR, Lee WY, Seki N, Nagase T, Ishikawa K, Nomura N, Phillips C, Polymeropoulos MH, Sandusky M, Schmitt K, Berry R, Swanson K, Torres R, Venter JC, Sikela JM, Beckmann JS, Weissenbach J, Myers RM, Cox DR, James MR, Bentley D, Deloukas P, Lander ES, Hudson TJet al., 1996, A gene map of the human genome, SCIENCE, Vol: 274, Pages: 540-546, ISSN: 0036-8075

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