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Reader in Energy Policy and Technology



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Director, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology

Policy Director, Energy Futures Lab

Head of the UKERC's Technology and Policy assessment function

Convenor of the Economics and Policy Module, MSc Sustainable Energy Futures

Thesis Term Director, MSc Environmental Technology

Research Impacts:

High impact output. Highly cited in departmental white papers, parliamentary select committee reports and non-departmental policy reports. Numerous high profile inputs to policy and direct interaction with senior policymakers and Ministers up to Secretary of State level.

Research Interests:

Energy policy specialist, with a cross disciplinary background in economics, engineering, system modelling and scenarios. Strong interest in technology and innovation. Track record in evidence based policy, contributions to policy developments, parliamentary committees, mainstream and popular media. Invited speaker at numerous industry, policy and academic conferences, meetings and workshops.

Short Biog:

The purpose of economic and policy research is to inform and impact policy developments. Just as engineering R&D may be measured in terms of patents or improvements to products, so policy research may be measured through improvements to policy and policy thinking.

Examples of input into recent policy developments are cited here:

Member of Academic Advisory Panel, Ofgem

Advisory Group Chair, Committee on Climate change (2015, 2016)

Commissioner, Commission on Scotland's Energy Future (2013)

Specialist Advisor, Energy and Climate Change Select Committee reports on the Energy White Paper and Energy Bill (2011 and 2012).

Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords European Union Select Commitee investigation into the feasibility of the EU 2020 targets for renewable energy (2008)

Policy reports/white papers citing my reports/papers include:

BERR White Paper on Nuclear Power, 2008;

Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills report 'renewable electricity generation technologies' 2008; 

Committee on Climate Change report 'building a low carbon economy', 2008;

Committee on Climate Change 1st progress report, 2009;

Committee on Climate Change 4th Carbon Budget Report, 2010;

Committee on Climate Change report on bioenergy, 2012.

Member of the Academic Advisory Committee to the Dept of Energy and Climate Change Energy Market Reform process (2012).

Contributed to the Commitee on Environmental Markets and Economic Performance (CEMEP, 2007) report commissioned and chaired by the Secretary of State for the Environment and Chancellor of the Exchequer

The 'costs and impacts of intermittency' (Gross et al 2006) is cited in the 2006 Energy Review, Committee on Climate Change first report and various Parliamentary Committee reports

Contributed to the Stern Review's analysis of the cost of mitigation led by Prof Dennis Anderson OBE (2006)

Undertook analysis for the 2003 DTI Renewables Innovation Review 

Contributed to scenario modelling for the 2003 Energy White Paper 

Co-author of the Cabinet Office's 2002 Energy Review 

I have been an invited member of a range of DTI, Carbon Trust, Cabinet Office and other government steering groups and working groups as well as advising a range of energy companies and NGOs on low carbon energy technologies and policies. 

Policy work is rooted in academic analysis. In my case this is concerned with scenarios and modelling of energy system change, analysis of the functioning of innovation systems, energy economics and the development of techniques for technology assessment.


Reader, Centre for Environmental Policy and Director, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT).

2010 - 2013 Senior Lecturer, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology

2006 - 2010 Lecturer, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT).

2003 to 2006: Research Fellow, Environmental Policy and Management Group and Centre for Energy Policy and Technology,

1998 to 2003: Research Associate, Environmental Policy and Management Group and Centre for Energy Policy and Technology

2001: UK Government Cabinet Office, Energy Review team and Resource Productivity team, Cabinet Office

1997 to 1999: Communications Manager, Renue (Renewable Energy in the Urban Environment)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications