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AB - This paper evaluates the compression performance and characteristics of two wavelet coding compression schemes of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals suitable for real-time telemedical applications. The two proposed methods, namely the optimal zonal wavelet coding (OZWC) method and the wavelet transform higher order statistics-based coding (WHOSC) method, are used to assess the ECG compression issues. The WHOSC method employs higher order statistics (HOS) and uses multirate processing with the autoregressive HOS model technique to provide increasing robustness to the coding scheme. The OZWC algorithm used is based on the optimal wavelet-based zonal coding method developed for the class of discrete "Lipschitizian" signals. Both methodologies were evaluated using the normalized rms error (NRMSE) and the average compression ratio (CR) and bits per sample criteria, applied on abnormal clinical ECG data samples selected from the MIT-BIH database and the Creighton University Cardiac Center database. Simulation results illustrate that both methods can contribute to and enhance the medical data compression performance suitable for a hybrid mobile telemedical system that integrates these algorithmic approaches for real-time ECG data transmission scenarios with high CRs and low NRMSE ratios, especially in low bandwidth mobile systems.
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