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My current research focus and interest areas are:

Mobile health (m-Health) and advancing the science of m-Health ( m-Health 2.0).

Smart mobile health systems for chronic disease management and particularly for diabetes care.

Frugal mobile health systems.

Mobile health for developing countries and global m-health systems.

Mobile health and Internet-of-Things ( m-IOT).

Big m-Health Data  Analytics.

5G mobile health networks and m-IOT connected devices and ecosystems.

Social robotics for health and m-Health behavioral change issues 

I was the lead and co-lead of several EU, EPSRC and industry funded projects over the last 20 years. Examples include EU Marie Curie funded project ‘LTe-health- Long-Term e-Health Evolution for Improving Diabetic Social and Behavioural Change Management (2011-2013), The British Council funded, e-health technology for improving medical education and healthcare research in post conflict regions ( DeLPHE) 2010-2012),  British Council’s India Education and Research Initiative ( UKIERI) funded (2007-2011) , ‘Mobile Telemedical System for Diabetes and Heart Failure Management System’ in collaborations with Loughbrough University and Indian Institute of  Technology, The Leverhulme Trust funded senior fellowship to study  the UK and Canadian Perspectives on Mobile healthcare Systems and Applications’ in collaborations with University of Toronto (2008-2009).

In 2012, I was awarded the best IEEE-EMBS paper award for the most widely cited IEEE paper entitled’ 'Guest editorial introduction to the special section on m-health: Beyond seamless mobility and global wireless health-care connectivity’.

The Google Scholar citation of this paper is 711 ( Last updated February 2018).

My Google scholar citations is 5402; h-index is 34 ( Last updated February 2018)


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Guest Lectures

Mobile Health for the Developing Countries and Armenia, 11th Armenian Medical World Congress (AMWC), Los Angeles, USA, 2013

Overview of mobile and telemedicine technologies to improve glycaemic control in patients with Diabetes, 2nd A. Menarini Diagnostic International Conference on Challenges and Opportunities of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Mamagement and 21st Century Approaches to Prevention, Rome, Italy, 2012

Advances in WiMAX and LTE technologies for medical video streaming in remote robotic ultrasonogrpahy diagnostics, IEEE Workshop on Multimedia Services and Technologies for e-health, ICME 2011, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Accelerating Internet of Things (IOT) for healthcare- From m-health to 4G-Health, The 3rd Annual Internet of Things Europe Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 2011

4G health, The Long Term Evolution of m-health, LTE World Summit, Amsterdam, Holland, 2011

The evolution of m-health towards global healthcare connectivity and accessibility, 26th. Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), Doha, Qatar, 2011

The Potential of Internet of Things- IOT for Assisted Living Applications, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Assisted Living 2011 Conference, London, England, 2011

4G Health - The long term evolution of m-health; The case of enhanced mobile Diabetes management in the Middle East, 15th Annual Middle East World Teleco World Summit, Dubai, UAE, 2010

The Role of Emerging Wireless and Network Technologies for Personalized Healthcare Systems, MERCK - Diabetes and Obesity Therapeutic Expert Forum, Philadelphia, USA, 2010

Intelligent RFID (i-RFID) Technologies for m-health applications, 3rd RFID Spanish Conference, Bilbao, Spain, 2009

Long Term E-health Evolution and It’s Impact on Optimising Healthcare, IET Assisted Living 2009 Conference, London, England, 2009

Emerging m-health Technologies: A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Delivery Systems, 5th. Annual Summit on Wireless and Mobile Healthcare Technologies, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Research Challenges on 4G Mobile Communications for the Next Generation of m-health Systems, 2nd. International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics, Singapore, 2004