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I am a DTP PhD student, based at RBG Kew and Imperial College. My research interests are based around the evolution of tropical biodiversity. More specifically, I am interested in speciation, endemism and biogeography, in addition to the conservation of the unique or threatened biota that arose from these processes

My PhD research uses molecular phylogenetics, population genomics and field data collected from the Amazon to approach questions about speciation and the origins of Neotropical plant diversity, using the Brownea clade (Leguminosae) as a study system.

Brownea grandiceps, Yasuni National parkBrownea grandiceps, Yasuni National Park



Murphy B, de la Estrella M, Schley R, et al., 2018, On the Monophyly of Macrolobium Schreb., an Ecologically Diverse Neotropical Tree Genus (Fabaceae-Detarioideae), International Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol:179, ISSN:1058-5893, Pages:75-86

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