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MrSimonDe Stercke

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Assistant



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Simon is a doctoral student in the Environmental and Water Resource Engineering section, under the supervision of Dr Ana Mijic, Dr Wouter Buytaert and Dr Vaibhav Chaturvedi.

His research focuses on the urban dimension of the water-energy nexus, the set of interactions between water and energy use at all stages from extraction over supply and end-use to rejection. Water, energy and food consumption are highly concentrated in cities and are linked in many direct and indirect ways within and beyond the city borders. Because of this, urbanization, water scarcity and required action on climate change lead to important tradeoffs, the understanding of which is crucial in order for policies to effectively address resource problems.

Before coming to Imperial, Simon studied energy systems dynamics from an output perspective with the Transitions to New Technologies program at IIASA, looking at historical transitions in useful energy by energy carrier, sector and region.



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Stercke S, Mijic A, Keirstead J, 2016, A Review of Urban Water-energy Linkages in End-use: A Call for Joint Demand Studies, British Journal of Environment and Climate Change, Vol:6, Pages:192-200

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