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Simos Evangelou has expert knowledge and experience in the application of control engineering to solve real-world problems associated with complex dynamical systems. He did the Electrical and Information Sciences Tripos at the University of Cambridge and obtained a BA/MEng degree, followed by a PhD in Control Engineering at Imperial College London. His experience includes engagement with a number of large automotive and aerospace companies to enable product development and realisation of competitive advantage for these industries. Dr Evangelou has already filed a number of patents and overall he has an enterprising mindset towards the exploitation of acquired research knowledge to benefit his employer, the society and the economy. His core skills can be summarised as: outstanding analytical capability, profound creativity, great competence in managing people, proficiency in working under pressure and within strict deadlines, and notable multi-tasking capability.



Yu M, Cheng C, Evangelou S, et al., 2021, Series active variable geometry suspension: full-car prototyping and road testing, Ieee-asme Transactions on Mechatronics, ISSN:1083-4435

Arif J, Rehman-Shaikh MA, Evangelou S, 2021, Comprehensive technology qualification process for subsea electronics assemblies, Ieee Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol:68, ISSN:0278-0046, Pages:6358-6368

Evangelou S, Rehman-Shaikh MA, 2020, Comprehensive energy efficiency analysis of series hybrid electric vehicles with dual-phase-shift-controlled DC-DC converter, Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol:357, ISSN:0016-0032, Pages:8761-8799


Pan X, Chen B, Evangelou SA, et al., 2020, Optimal Motion Control for Connected and Automated Electric Vehicles at Signal-Free Intersections, Pages:2831-2836, ISSN:0743-1546

Georgiou A, Tahir F, Evangelou S, et al., Robust moving horizon state estimation for uncertain linear systems using linear matrix inequalities, 59th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control - CDC 2020, IEEE

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