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DrAhmadrezaFaghih Imani

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Associate







Skempton BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Dr Ahmadreza Faghih Imani is a research associate at Urban Systems Laboratory and Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London. Before joining Imperial College in October 2019, he was an NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute. He obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from McGill University in 2017. His dissertation on examining bicycle-sharing systems was recognized with the 2015 Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship in Regional Science from North American Regional Science Association (NARSC). He is a member of the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Committee on Bicycle Transportation (ANF20).



Afghari AP, Faghih Imani A, Papadimitriou E, et al., 2021, Disentangling the effects of unobserved factors on seatbelt use choices in multi-occupant vehicles, Journal of Choice Modelling, Vol:41, ISSN:1755-5345

Pawlak J, Faghih Imani A, Sivakumar A, 2021, How do household activities drive electricity demand? Applying activity-based modelling in the context of the United Kingdom, Energy Research and Social Science, Vol:82, ISSN:2214-6296, Pages:1-18

Chibwe J, Heydari S, Faghih Imani A, et al., 2021, An exploratory analysis of the trend in the demand for the London bike-sharing system: From London Olympics to Covid-19 pandemic, Sustainable Cities and Society, Vol:69, ISSN:2210-6707

Rahman M, Yasmin S, Faghih-Imani A, et al., 2021, Examining the Bus Ridership Demand: Application of Spatio-Temporal Panel Models, Journal of Advanced Transportation, Vol:2021, ISSN:0197-6729

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