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When it comes to (ideally) on demand single-photon solid state emitters, organic molecules present features that could potentially make them a valuable resource in Quantum Information and Quantum Computation processes, as scalability and the ease with which they can be relocated.

In the group of Quantum Nanophotonics, here at the Blackett Laboratories, we investigate the properties of dibenzoterrylene (DBT) molecules embedded in anthracine crystals, at low temperature, in cavities or waveguides. During my PhD I will concentrate on systems made of these three parts, working towards a strong coupling between waveguides and indistinguishable photons emitted from single DBT molecules.

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Jeong H, Zavatta A, Kang M, et al., 2014, Generation of hybrid entanglement of light, Nature Photonics, Vol:8, ISSN:1749-4885, Pages:564-569

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