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Ancient lakes in Gale crater

Our latest work on the existence of an ancient lake in Gale crater has just been published in Science.

Grotzinger et al. (2015) Deposition, exhumation, and paleoclimate of an ancient lake deposit, Gale crater, Mars. Science. 350, aac7575 (2015). DOI: 10.1126/science.aac7575

Also accessible here:

Grotzinger et al 2015

Science Perspective article by Marjorie Chan: The martian lake chronicles

AAAS news story by Sid Perkins: Mars once hosted lakes, flowing water


The new rover self-portrait at Big Sky has been released as a captioned image

I am Participating Scientist and Long Term Science Planner on NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover mission currently exploring Gale Crater.

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Ancient lake beds at gale crater



Inclined sandstones as evidence of ancient delta deposits



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Planar laminated beds that coarsen up - evidence fro an encroaching delta into a lake



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