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AB - The evolution of a mono-disperse gravity current in the lock-exchange configurationis investigated by means of direct numerical simulations for various Reynoldsnumbers and settling velocities for the deposition. We limit our investigations togravity currents over a flat bed in which density differences are small enough for theBoussinesq approximation to be valid. The concentration of particles is described inan Eulerian fashion by using a transport equation combined with the incompressibleNavier-Stokes equations. The most interesting results can be summarized asfollows: (i) the settling velocity is affecting the streamwise vortices at the head ofthe current with a substantial reduction of their size when the settling velocity isincreased; (ii) when the Reynolds number is increased the lobe-and-cleft structuresare merging more frequently and earlier in time, suggesting a strong Reynoldsnumber dependence for the spatio-temporal evolution of the head of the current;(iii) the temporal imprint of the lobe-and-cleft structures can be recovered fromthe deposition map, suggesting that the deposition pattern is defined purely andexclusively by the structures at the front of the current.
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