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Scott Le Vine, AICP/PP (CVGoogle-Scholar profile) is a transportation planner with research interests in: 

           * Mobility services

           * Accessibility theory

          * Traffic control strategies

          * Pricing and market governance

Le Vine is appointed as an Assistant Professor at SUNY New Paltz, a Research Associate at Imperial College, and a Visiting Professor in the School of Transportation and Logistics at Southwest Jiaotong University (Chengdu, China).

He frequently delivers invited talks to audiences in academia practicing urban planners, and the automotive industry. He is lead-inventor of patent-pending congestion pricing technology for Self-Driving (Automated) Cars, and has provided expert testimony to various levels of government in both the UK and US.

He is a trustee of the charity Carplus, and a member of the Northeast Connected and Automated Road Transportation Safety (NECARTS) research consortium.

Le Vine serves on the U.S. National Academy of Sciences' standing committees on Public Transport Innovations (TRB-AP020), Intelligent Transportation Systems (TRB-AHB15), and Vehicle Automation (TRB-AHB15[1]).  He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and holds a Professional Planning (PP) licence (#33LI00595000) in New Jersey, U.S.

Le Vine co-edited (with John Polak) a 2015 Special Issue of Transportation on Shared-Mobility, and recently co-authored (with Martin Lee-Gosselin) the Transport and Environment chapter of the forthcoming 4th edition of The Geography of Urban Transportation, a textbook widely-used in masters-level and advanced-undergraduate transport planning courses.

He holds degrees from McGill University (Geography), NYU (Urban/Transportation Planning) and Imperial College (Transport Studies, thesis available here).

Le Vine's published academic journal articles are listed here. Conference proceedings are listed in his CV. Published studies and general-readership writings are listed below.


Listing of published studies:

1)   ICT and Physical Mobility: State of Knowledge and Future Outlook (Nov '15)

2)   Trends in Urban Travel (In Moving Cities Collection of Essays) (Dec '14)

3)   Generation Next: The changing travel habits of pre-driving age young people in Britain (Oct '14)

4)  Carsharing: Evolution, challenges and opportunities (Sept '14)

5)   Automated Cars: A Smooth Ride Ahead? (Feb '14)

6)    British case study in 'Mobility Y' -- The emerging travel patterns of Generation Y. (Jul '13)

7)    On the Move: Making sense of car and train travel trends in Britain (Dec '12, featured on BBC's Inside Out) (Companion Scottish report, Jun '13; Companion Welsh report, Dec '14)

8)    Car Rental 2.0: Car club innovations and why they matter (Jun '12)


Listing of short general-readership pieces:

1) What should we do after the first fatal crash of an automated car? (July '16)

2) #TeslaCrash: Three reasons for Tesla (and all of us) to be concerned (July'16)

3) Are we Ready for Driverless Cars: Ethical and Efficiency Trade-offs (Jan '15)

4)    Millennials' Emerging Travel Patterns (Dec '14; Armand Peugeot Conference) Invited paper here; presentation slides here.

5)    The sharing economy will transform the way we think about transport (Dec '14)

6)    Look carefully at 'Generation Next' -- they can't afford to become tomorrow's drivers (Jul '14)

7)    Cars, smartphones, and Paris' air quality crisis (Mar '14) Cross-posted here and here

8)   Automated cars are coming, but has anyone grasped their implications? and Vehicle automation: Proceed with care (Feb '14)

9)    In Britain today, it ain't easy being green (Jul '13)

10)    Bring 'em on? Planning for the robo-cars (Jun '13)

11)    Hold off on Zipcar's eulogy: Planners are key to carsharing's next act (Jan '13)

12)    The drive-it-yourself taxi: A smooth ride? (Jan '13)

13)    The case of London's disappearing traffic: The plot thickens (Dec '12)

Establishing the linkages between online activity and car use: Evidence from a combined travel diary and online-activity pseudo-diary dataset.