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Marketing Decision Making - BUSI97204


This module is meant as a “capstone” module. It will focus on the key strategic marketing issues facing organisations. Through this module, students will refresh and deepen their awareness of key marketing tenets, acquire an advanced knowledge of strategic marketing, develop relevant analytical skills, be able to think critically about strategic marketing, and be able to make strategic decisions to deal with specific business situations.  Students will learn to take the perspective of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) rather than a brand management perspective. The module focuses on a broad understanding of market and competitive dynamics. The module considers the fact that competitors have access to the same marketing weapons to compete and change the market environment. Students will improve their strategic thinking to see and sense market changes and anticipate actions and reactions from customers, competitors and other relevant players.


Course Leader

Business Simulation - BUSI97256


 The aim of this module is to provide students with:

  • A chance to apply and test the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the programme so far, by participating in a business simulation designed to develop and test strategic thinking
  • A ‘real world’ business experience running a major services sector business in a competitive global environment