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Choi HG, Oh SS, Lee SG, Kim MW, Kim JE, Park HYet al., 2006, Coupling characteristics of surface modes in truncated two-dimensional photonic crystals, Journal of Applied Physics

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Won HJ, Pyo YS, Oh SS, Kim YC, Kim YS, Hwang JHet al., 2006, Fabrication of monodisperse silica spheres using statistical design of experiments, Metals and Materials International, Vol: 12, Pages: 95-99, ISSN: 1598-9623

The statistical design of experiments was successfully carried out in order to synthesize monodisperse silica spheres using a fractional factorial design with a resolution of V. In this design, the input variables were the temperature, the concentration of NH3, the concentration of TEOS, the methanol/n-prophyl alcohol ratio, and the distilled water. The output variables were the particle size, standard deviations, and the degree of agglomeration. Simultaneous consideration of the particle characteristics allowed for an optimum regime in the experimental conditions in addition to an understanding of the experimental variables. The concentrations of TEOS and distilled water are determined to be statistically significant variables for the controlling of the particle sizes. The size of the monodisperse silica spheres was found to be approximately 400 nm.

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Lee SG, Oh SS, Kim JE, Park HY, Kee CSet al., 2005, Line-defect-induced bending and splitting of self-collimated beams in two-dimensional photonic crystals, Applied Physics Letters, Vol: 87, Pages: 181106-181108

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Kee CS, Han SP, Yoon KB, Choi CG, Sung HK, Oh SS, Park HY, Park S, Schift Het al., 2005, Photonic band gaps and defect modes of polymer photonic crystal slabs, Applied Physics Letters, Vol: 86

Journal article

Oh SS, Kee CS, Kim JE, Park HY, Kim TI, Park I, Lim Het al., 2000, Duplexer Using Microwave Photonic Band Gap Structure, Applied Physics Letters, Vol: 76, Pages: 2301-2303

Journal article

Kee CS, Oh SS, Chang KJ, Kim JE, Park HY, Lee Ket al., 1999, Thermal Properties of a Photon Gas in Photonic Crystals, Physical Review B, Vol: 60, Pages: 10573-10575

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