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AB - There has been substantial recent interest in the development of bioelectronic medicines (also known as “electroceuticals”) [1]. Bioelectronic medicines consist of implantable devices capable of treating diseases by modulation of the nervous system. While substantial progress has been made in the treatment of some central nervous system disorders such as Parkinson's Disease by deep brain stimulation [2], recently attention is focused on development of neuromodulation strategies for the peripheral nervous system [3]. The development of strategies for interfacing with and modulating the activity of peripheral nerves to the viscera may offer the prospect of extending bioelectronic medicine beyond diseases of the central nervous system, to the much larger class of non-neurological diseases that can be affected by electrical signalling in the peripheral nervous system, ranging from hypertension [4] to sleep apnea [5], rheumatoid arthritis [6] and sepsis [7].
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