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I am a Research Associate at Molecular Sciences Research Hub, Imperial College London. I have previously worked at the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM), Deakin University (Australia) as a Research Fellow, an Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow, and an Associate Research Fellow soon after I received my PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wollongong (UOW, Australia) in 2014. During my PhD research at UOW’s Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI), I processed a wide range of functional materials (e.g. graphene, 2D materials, carbon nanotubes, and conducting polymers) into conducting and stretchable fibres and knitted those fibres into textiles that could be worn to track movements of human body. At Deakin, I pioneered the development of practical strategies for processing state-of-the-art 2D materials (e.g. graphene and Ti3C2 MXene) into advanced multi-functional structures and devices for wearable energy storage and sensing. I have been awarded the Endeavour Research Fellowship from the Australian Government, which enabled me to work with Prof Yury Gogotsi at Drexel University (USA) for 6 months. I have published the outcome of my research as 34 peer-reviewed papers (21 as first author and 7 as corresponding author) in high-ranking journals such as Advanced Functional Materials (IF=15.62) along with 17 book chapters. My works have been featured as 7 journal cover pages and in 4 radio interviews, 1 promotional video, and more than 40 news outlets. I have received a wide range of competitive research funds including 2 research fellowships, 1 industry grant, 5 research grants, 9 travel awards, and 2 synchrotron beamtimes (total ~AU$404k). In addition, I have about 7 years of academic teaching experience (part-time) as lecturer or tutor and have taught 8 subjects such as Polymeric Materials, and Engineering Design and Innovation. I have also supervised 10 research students and staff.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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