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AB - Emerging commercial and academic tools are regularly being applied to thedesign of road and race cars, but there currently are no well-establishedbenchmark cases to study the aerodynamics of race car wings in ground effect.In this paper we propose a new test case, with a relatively complex geometry,supported by the availability of CAD model and experimental results. We referto the test case as the Imperial Front Wing, originally based on the front wingand endplate design of the McLaren 17D race car. A comparison of differentresolutions of a high fidelity spectral/hp element simulation usingunder-resolved DNS/implicit LES approach with fourth and fifth polynomial orderis presented. The results demonstrate good correlation to both the wall-boundedstreaklines obtained by oil flow visualization and experimental PIV results,correctly predicting key characteristics of the time-averaged flow structures,namely intensity, contours and locations. This study highlights the resolutionrequirements in capturing salient flow features arising from this type ofchallenging geometry, providing an interesting test case for both traditionaland emerging high-fidelity simulations.
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