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author = {Buscariolo, FF and Meneghini, JR and da, Silva Assi GR and Sherwin, SJ},
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AB - © 2019 International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, TSFP. All rights reserved. The Ahmed Body is one of the most studied 3D bluff bodies used for automotive research and was first proposed by Ahmed et al. (1984). Due to the variation of the slant angle of the read upper surface, it can generate different flow behaviours, similar to a standard road vehicles. In this study we also use the Ahmed body to evaluate the performance of the introduction of a rear underbody diffuser which are commonly applied in high performance and race cars to improve downforce. As a default body we consider the Ahmed Body with Squared-Back or 0° slant angle to perform a parametric study of the rear diffuser angle. We employing a high-fidelity CFD based on Spectral/hp element discretisation that combines classical mesh refinement with polynomial expansions in order to achieve both better accuracy. The diffuser length was fixed at the same length that the top slant angle has previously been studies of 222mm and the angle was changed from 0° to 50° in increments of 10°. An additional case considering the diffuser angle of 5° was also evaluated. It was observed that peak values for drag and negative lift (downforce) coefficient were achieved at 30° diffuser angle, in which the topology indicates flow fully attached with two streamwise vortical structures, similar to results obtained from Ahmed et al. (1984), but in this case with the the body flipped upside down.
AU - Buscariolo,FF
AU - Meneghini,JR
AU - da,Silva Assi GR
AU - Sherwin,SJ
PY - 2019///
TI - Diffuser study on a squared-back ahmed body considering ILES-SVV
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