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AB - Considering the UK’s ambitious carbon emission reduction target (i.e. reducingCO2e emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050), it is evident that energyconservation measures in food retail buildings can substantially contribute inmeeting this goal. Supermarket buildings in particular are complex energy systemsthat require careful study to make sure they perform in a sensible manner. Retailpressure on quick store delivery makes commissioning teams prone to mistakes andtherefore, despite stores being newly built or refurbished, their systems are notideally set up. This circumstance makes buildings underperform by excessivelyconsuming energy which is a detriment in terms of costs and carbon emissions. Theobjective of this paper is to disseminate the energy savings that can come from lowcost re-commissioning measures linked to best operating practices; this is achievedby gathering insights from the monitoring of refrigeration, HVAC, and lightingsystems. A case study in a 3,300 m2 UK supermarket showcases the energyperformance of these systems before and after measures are implemented. The trialsconducted have the feature of being holistic by working closely with store staff andcontractors. Results show store energy use in Year 2 improved by 20% against itsbenchmark (Year 1); consequently reducing the carbon footprint and energy bills ofthe building. Furthermore, the learning’s are transferable and have quick paybackperiods; thus making clear a large potential exists in reducing energy bills ofretailers while simultaneously contributing to carbon mitigation in the UK.
AU - Acha,Izquierdo S
AU - Shah,N
PB - Aalborg University, Department of Civil Engineering
PY - 2016///
TI - Re-commissioning Energy Conservation Measures in Supermarkets: An UK Case Study
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