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After graduating with an MSci from the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London in 2016, Shababa is currently working on a PhD under the supervision of Dr Andreas Kafizas and Professor James Durrant. Her project focuses on the use of time-resolved optical spectroscopy and photoelectrochemical techniques to understand the charge carrier dynamics in metal oxides such as bismuth vanadate, as photoanodes for the solar water splitting reaction. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Selim S, Pastor E, García-Tecedor M, et al., 2019, Impact of oxygen vacancy occupancy on charge carrier dynamics in BiVO4 photoanodes, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol:141, ISSN:0002-7863, Pages:18791-18798

Francàs L, Corby S, Selim S, et al., 2019, Spectroelectrochemical study of water oxidation on nickel and iron oxyhydroxide electrocatalysts, Nature Communications, Vol:10, ISSN:2041-1723

Selim S, Francàs L, García-Tecedor M, et al., 2019, WO3/BiVO4: impact of charge separation at the timescale of water oxidation, Chemical Science, Vol:10, ISSN:2041-6520, Pages:2643-2652

Corby S, Francàs L, Selim S, et al., 2018, Water oxidation and electron extraction kinetics in nanostructured tungsten trioxide photoanodes, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol:140, ISSN:1520-5126, Pages:16168-16177

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