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Research Interests:

  • Acoustic / Audio Signal Processing
  • 3D / Spatial Audio
  • Array Processing & Spherical Arrays
  • Source Localisation & Tracking
  • Beamforming & Speech Enhancement
  • Distributed Acoustics Sensing processing


Dr Hafezi is an acoustic and audio signal processing engineer & researcher specialised in array processing and 3D audio. His track record of R&D includes over ten publications in various journals, conferences and workshops, international patents, contribution to establishment of a spin-out audio-tech company (LANDR) by QMUL as well as multiple awards, funding and medal of national Physics Olympiad. He has also been the recipient of 'global/exceptional talent' endorsement by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Before joining Imperial as Postdoc, he was a senior signal processing engineer for 2.5 years at Silixa. Dr Hafezi was awarded PhD at Imperial College in 2018 with specialty in spherical microphone arrays processing.

His research interests are in audio signal processing specialised in 3D Audio. As a post doctoral research associate, he currently works or has previously worked on the following projects:

Current Projects:

Past Projects

Honours & Awards:

  • Wings For Ideas Fund (2021): This award is intended to support ideas with potential outcome as a new venture, product or prototype. Provided by Imperial's Postdocs & Fellows Development Centre (PFDC), UK.
  • Global Exceptional Talent Endorsement (2020): 'Exceptional Promise' endorsement as a qualifaction for global talent visa. Provided by Royal Academy of Engineering, UK.
  • HARMAN Scholar (2015-16): Two-time recipient of special honour of being named as Harman Scholar in 2015 & 2016. Provided by HARMAN Intenational Industries, US.
  • AES Educational Foundation Grant (2015-16): Two-time recipient of AESEF in 2015 & 2016. Provided by Audio Engineering Society, US.
  • PhD Scholarship (2014-17): Departmental bursary from EEE Dept. Provided by Imperial College London, UK
  • Postgraduate Scholarship (2012-13): Partial-fund for Master degree. Provided by Queen Mary, University of London.
  • Undergraduate Scholarship (2009-12): Partial-fund for Bachelor degree. Provided by Queen Mary, University of London.
  • Medal of National Physics Olympiad (2008): The bronze medal of Iran's national Physics olympiad among over 200,000 qualified applicants. Provided by Young Scholars Club & National Elite's Foundation, Iran.



conferences / workshops:


  • J. D. Reiss, S. P. Mansbridge, A. Clifford, S. Hafezi, Z. Ma, and N. Jillings, "System and Method for Autonomous Multi-track Audio Processing", UK Patent Application, Application Number: GB1208012.3, Publication Number GB2503867, Filing Date: May 08. 2012. Worldwide Patent Application, Application Number: PCT/GB2013/051184, Publication Number WO2013167884A1, Filing Date: May 07. 2013. US Patent Application, Application Number: US14/398,990 , Publication Number US9654869B2, Filing Date: May 07. 2013



Hafezi S, Moore A, Naylor P, 2021, Narrowband multi-source Direction-of-Arrival estimation in the spherical harmonic domain, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol:149, ISSN:0001-4966

Hafezi S, Moore AH, Naylor PA, 2019, Spatial consistency for multiple source direction-of-arrival estimation and source counting., Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol:146, ISSN:0001-4966, Pages:4592-4603


Farhadiroushan M, Milne C, Parker T, et al., 2021, Engineered distributed acoustic flow profiling sensing solutions

Hveding F, Guraini W, Mahue V, et al., 2020, Production flow comparison between distributed fiber-optic sensing and conventional PLT in a cased hole horizontal wellbore with ICD

Minggu N, Hashim H, Huey HY, et al., 2020, A case study on the monitoring of dual-string heavy oil producers in field B, Malaysia, using distributed fibre optic acoustic and temperature sensing

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