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Solomos Georgiou obtained an MEng in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures. As part of his research project during his MSc degree at Imperial College London, he worked in collaboration with Royal Dutch Shell plc in modelling and analysing waste heat recovery from refineries in combination with liquid nitrogen to generate power through an energy storage system.

After graduating, he worked in the energy sector before joining the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London as a research postgraduate to work towards his PhD. His current research is conducted in close collaboration with the industry and it is focused on the optimisation of supply chains through mathematical modelling with the objectives of reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, cost and uncertainty.

Research areas of interest include multi-objective mixed integer optimisation, data processing and analysis, thermodynamic modelling, techno-economic and thermo-economic analysis, supply and demand management and optimisation, economic feasibility analysis, energy storage, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.  



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