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Steffen Berg is a senior research staff scientist at Shell Global Solutions International B.V. in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, and a visiting reader in the Earth Science & Engineering Department at Imperial College London. His current research interests involve in a more broader context multiphase flow in porous media and in particular special core analysis (SCAL), improved and enhanced oil recovery (IOR & EOR) and pore scale physics and Digital Rock.



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Alpak FO, Zacharoudiou I, Berg S, et al., 2019, Direct simulation of pore-scale two-phase visco-capillary flow on large digital rock images using a phase-field lattice Boltzmann method on general-purpose graphics processing units, Computational Geosciences, Vol:23, ISSN:1420-0597, Pages:849-880

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Bartels W, Rücker M, Boone M, et al., Imaging Spontaneous Imbibition in Full Darcy‐Scale Samples at Pore‐Scale Resolution by Fast X‐ray Tomography, Water Resources Research, ISSN:0043-1397

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