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AB - Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a syndrome of severe immune dysregulation,characterised by extreme inflammation, fever, cytopaenias and organ dysfunction. HLH can betriggered by conditions such as infection, auto-immune disease and malignancy, amongst others.Both a familial and a secondary form have been described, the latter being increasinglyrecognised in adult patients with critical illness. HLH is difficult to diagnose, often underrecognised and carries a high mortality. Patients can present in a very similar fashion to sepsis andthe two syndromes can co-exist and overlap, yet HLH requires specific immunosuppressivetherapy. HLH should be actively excluded in patients with presumed sepsis who either lack a clearfocus of infection or who are not responding to energetic infection management. Elevated serumferritin is a key biomarker that may indicate the need for further investigations for HLH and canguide treatment. Early diagnosis and a multidisciplinary approach to HLH management may savelives.
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