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I am currently a PhD student, my primary research focus is on quantifying the ability of the sedimentary record to document tectonic and climatic events in the Gulf of Corinth.

Stratigraphy is a fundamental archive of past tectonic and climatic regimes on planet Earth and sediment supply is a primary control on what we see preserved in the geological record. Eroded material reaches the stratigraphic record through transport by rivers and sub-marine processes so in order to understand this archive one must investigate the source-to-sink relationship by which sediment is generated from upland areas by erosion and transported to depositional basins. 

My study area is the Gulf of Corinth in Greece, where climate and tectonic boundary conditions are well-constrained, and where sedimentary budgets are closed.  Consequently it is an ideal natural laboratory to study this problem. I use a multitude of different approaches including geomorphological techniques, geological fieldwork and seismic analysis of subsurface deposits in the Gulf of Corinth basin to address the extent to which the sedimentary record is a good archive of tectonic and climatic forcing.  The results of this study will give us new insights into how stratigraphy records past environmental conditions on the Earth’s surface.


2010-2014 - MSci Geology, Imperial College London

Oct 2014 - Present - PhD student, Imperial College London


June- August 2012 - Undergraduate Researcher in Tectonic Geomorphology, Imperial  College London

2014 Masters Research Project - 'The Geometry and Evolution of Fault-related Folds Adjacent to a Major Reactivated Rift Border Fault, Øygarden Fault Complex, Norweigan North Sea' 


2013 - El Pont de Suert, Spanish Pyrenees - Mapping Project

Teaching Assistant

ESE 2.16: Structural Geology 1 - Dr Alex Whittaker

ESE 2.14: 2nd Year Pyrenees Fieldtrip - Dr Alex Whittaker

ESE 3.16: Structural Geology 2 - Dr Philippa Mason & Prof Donny Hutton

ESE 5.12: Basin Analysis - Dr Lidia Lonergan & Dr Gareth Roberts