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My research is funded by EPSRC through the funding of the Culham centre for Fusion Energy.

Selected Talks and Colloquia,

1.  "The appropriate Mixing Length for the Ion Tempeature Gradient Mode," S.C. Cowley, Invited paper, APS Plasma Meeting. Bull. Am. Phys. Soc., 35, 2080 (1990).

2.  "Explosive Instabilities and Detonation in MHD," S.C. Cowley.  Invited paper, APS Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky, 1995.

3.  "Large Scale Explosive Instabilities in Plasmas," S.C. Cowley.  Invited paper, European Physical Society Meeting, Prague, June, 1998.

4.  “The Outstanding Critical Issues for Achieving Controlled Fusion” Invited talk: American Physical Society Centennial meeting Atlanta, March 1999, I substituted for Marshall Rosenbluth with two days notice.

5.  "Magnetic Fields in the Universe," British Association for the Advancement of Science, September, 2003.

6.  "Explosive Instabilities from Edge Localized Modes to Solar Flares," European Physical Society Meeting, Invited talk, St. Petersburg, July, 2003.

7.  “Plasmas in Astrophysics and Laboratory Physics.” Invited talk Spitafields day Dec. 2004  Newton Institute, Cambridge University, UK.

8.  “Fusion and the ITER Era.” Stanford Linear Accelerator colloquium: October 10th 2005.

9.  “Making Magnetic Fields on Cosmic Scales.”  Invited talk 03/07/2007 March APS meeting Denver.

10.    “The Physics Challenges of ITER,” Physics Department Colloquium at the University of California Santa Barbara, Oct. 16th 2007.

11.    “Fusion power – the era of burning plasmas,” HP Science Lecture, Bristol, 12th November 2008.

12.    “Fusion power – the era of burning plasmas,” Oxford Physics Department Colloquium, 14th November 2008.

13.    “Fusion physics,” IOP Frontiers of Physics 2008, Liverpool, 21/22 November 2008.

14.    “Fusion power: the era of burning plasmas,” Curle Lecture, St Andrews, 1st December 2008.

15.    “From fundamental science to fusion energy – the first 50 years of fusion theory,“ Invited talk at Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference, USA, 3rd May 2009.

16.    “Fusion – when?, ,”, TED Global Conference, Oxford, 23rd July 2009.

17.     ‘Fusion Power – the Era of Burning Plasmas’ IOP Lecture, Milton Keynes 8th June 2010.

18.    “Fusion, the Technical Challenge” Plenary Talk. National Physics Conference, Portuguese Physical Society, 3rd September 2010.

Guest Lectures

Fusion – when?,, TED, Oxford,, 2009

Making Magnetic Fields on Cosmic Scales, American Physical Society, Invited talk: March 2007 Denver, 2007

The Outstanding Critical Issues for Achieving Controlled Fusion, American Physical society, Centenial Meeting Atlanta: Invited Talk, 1999