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Hodgson S, Khaw FM, 2010, Epidemiological methods for attributing illness, Environmental Medicine, Pages: 25-43, ISBN: 9781444128444

© 2010 Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. John Snow is widely recognized as the father of epidemiology. In his now classic text On the Mode of Communication of Cholera,1 he argued a case for a ‘germ theory’, attributing the cause of an outbreak of cholera in 1854 to a water pump in Broad Street, London. Snow used a combination of epidemiological methods to investigate and describe the outbreak: investigation of cases and controls, exposure assessment, additional case finding, and distribution plots of cases by time and place. From his findings, he was able to make a logical link between exposure and outcome, to take immediate action to prevent further cases (removing the pump handle) and to interact with authorities to effect improvements in water supplies.


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