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Guest Lectures

2015 ‘Using UK Biobank around environment and health: The BioSHaRE Environmental Determinants of Health project’ presented at the MED-MI-UK Biobank workshop, London, UK, 2015

2015 'BioSHaRE Environmental Determinants of Health project; opportunities and challenges of cross-cohort working' delivered at the Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources (CLOSER) workshop, London, UK, 2015

2014 ‘The exposome concept; promises and challenges’, invited discussant, responding to Martine Vrijheid (CREAL, Barcelona) and Roel Vermeulen (IRAS, Utrecht) International Society of Environmental Epidemiology Europe Young Researchers conference, Barcelona, Spain, 2014

2011 ‘Linking community placements to Tomorrow’s Doctor’s learning outcomes for public health’, presented at the Public Health Educators in Medical Schools Annual meeting, London, UK, 2011

2004 ‘Investigation of Disease Clusters – The Cluster Busters’, presented, with Dr Paul Aylin, at the Public Health Network – London meeting on Environmental Public Health, London, UK, 2004

2007 ‘Methodological aspects of spatial epidemiology’ presented at the Nordic Epidemiology Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2007

2013 ‘Towards an interdisciplinary science of transport and health’, presented at the Newcastle Institute on Research and Sustainability Air Quality & Health Research workshop, Newcastle, UK, 2013

2006 ‘Current work of the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU)’ presented at the UK Health Protection Agency Environmental and Public Health Training Day, London, UK, 2006

Research Student Supervision

Chen,Y, 2018 (MPH) Associations between air pollution and birthweight in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) study

Xiao,R, 2018 (MSc) Associations between ethnicity and SES with road-traffic related air and noise pollution

Korenhof,S, 2018 (MSc) Environmental inequalities in England: an area-level study

Cockerham,S, 2018 (MSc) Public health impact of the proliferation of landmines and explosive remnants of war (with WHO)

Hogg,A, 2018 (MSc) An evaluation of the preparedness of existing antimicrobial resistance health strategy against four scenarios of antimicrobial resistance in London in 2038

Cruz,C, 2017-2020 (PhD) Benefits in public health and environmental impacts of urban agriculture in cities of developed countries

Bhardwaj,S, 2017 (MPH) Local Air Quality Management in the United Kingdom: Does the designation of Air Quality Management Areas result in a significant reduction in ambient air pollution (Pass)

Fu,Y, 2017 (MSc) Impacts of tube strikes on road traffic accidents and air quality in London (Pass)

Wei,W, 2017 (MSc) An investigation of lead poisoning in England, with a risk map of potential lead exposure and an enhanced questionnaire on potential sources (with PHE) (Merit)

Mahamithawa,S, 2017 (MSc) The Contribution of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Water to Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology in LMICs: A Systematic Review (Distinction)

Atiba,B, 2017 (MSc) A Review of the Impact of Recent War and Armed Conflicts on Health Infrastructure and Service Delivery (with WHO) (Merit)

Roscoe,CJ, 2016-2019 (PhD) Greenspace and cardiovascular health outcomes in UK Biobank participants: assessing the environmental versus physiological pathways

Barratt,T, 2016 (MSc) A Review of the Practical Applications of Remote Sensing (with PHE) (Distinction)

Tao,J, 2016 (MSc) Fractures and Environmental Exposure to Cadmium (Merit)

Meng,H, 2016 (MPH) Tree Canopy Coverage and Emergency Paediatric Admissions of Respiratory Diseases in Greater London (Pass)

El Amine,Y, 2015 (MSc) Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Substances during pregnancy and Autism (Distinction)

Hohenberger,T, 2015 (MSc) A better achievement of Climate Change Mitigation in the transport sector through the integration of health co-benefits (Distinction)

Adewebi,J, 2015 (MSc) Review of treatment and disposal practices of Ebola waste generated in healthcare and community settings in countries in West Africa, appraisal of risks and identify options for safe management in resource-constrained settings (with PHE) (Pass)

Al-Shammari,I, 2015 (MPH) Communities, flooding and public health: using local media to improve understanding (with PHE) (Distinction)

Ubong,D, 2015 (MSc) Risk assessment of chemicals with limited toxicological data (with PHE) (Pass)

Descours,A, 2015 (MSc) Light at night exposure and breast cancer risk in England (Distinction)

Crook,T, 2014 (MSc) An environmental evaluation of end of life options for composite materials (Distinction)

Chiam,K, 2014 (MPH) School Neighborhood Characteristics and Child Pedestrian-Vehicular Road Traffic Accidents (Distinction)

Anderson,I, 2014 (MPH) Associations between measures of green and blue space and birth outcomes (Merit)

Rabie,H, 2014 (MSc) A review of potential health risks from the use of unregulated cosmetic products (with PHE) (Distinction)

Amanova,N, 2014 (MSc) Polluted rivers of Kazakhstan - challenges and solutions of transboundary water resources (Pass)

Young,K, 2013 (MSc) Indicators of climate change vulnerability (with Committee on Climate Change) (Distinction)

Koo,M, 2013 (MPH) Emergency admission rates and access to primary healthcare in England (Distinction)

Kelly,R, 2013 (MPH) The impact of smoking legislation on birth outcomes in England (Merit)

Bixby,H, 2012 (MPH) Are greener cities healthier? (Distinction)

Forrest,L, 2010 (MSc) Social mobility in the Newcastle Thousand Families Birth Cohort (Merit)

Taylor,J, 2007 (MSc) Life histories of women from Teesside: Tees Lung Cancer Study (Pass)

Stavrakaki,A, 2003 (MSc) Air dispersion modelling of solvents in the Runcorn area for an epidemiological study of kidney disease (Distinction)

Nomura,S, 2013 - 2018 (PhD) Assessment of radiation exposure risk and health impacts of evacuation after Japan’s 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant incident (Pass, pending minor corrections)

Cai,S, 2013 - 2016 (PhD) Harmonised ambient air pollution and road traffic noise exposures linked to cardiovascular outcomes in European cohorts (Passed)

AlBalawi,S, 2010 - 2016 (PhD) Daily air pollution levels and asthma; exploring the influence of time-activity patterns on personal exposure in Al Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia (pass)

Tyrell,R, 2010 - 2014 (PhD) Adolescent food choice from the food environment exposure perspective (Passed)

Manmee,C, 2008 - 2013 (PhD) Lead levels in teeth as a measure of life-time lead exposure in children (Passed)

Savigny,P, 2001 (MSc) Using routinely collected health data to investigate potential kidney effects from Cadmium exposure in Avonmouth residents (Merit)