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I work on the evolution of species diversity. Why does life evolve into the distinct and diverse entities we call species? Why do some lineages and regions contain more species than others? What are the adaptive causes and consequences of species diversity? The work combines theory with field, experimental and molecular approaches to explore these fundamental questions in plant, animal and microbial systems. I welcome enquiries from students or post-docs interested in working in this general field. For more information on our lab, visit our lab website here.

Collecting sites for bdelloid rotifers in Mexico and Australia

Collecting sites for bdelloid rotifers in Mexico and Australia

Invited Lectures and Presentations


  • May 2013   Microbial networks in ecosystems, the American Society Microbiology meeting, Denver
  • Nov 2011    Keynote presentation at iBOL Science Strategy Committee meeting, Adelaide, Australia
  • Jun 2009 - 'The origin of species - 150 years on', The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • Oct 2007 - Linnaeus 300 - the future of his science, Amsterdam, KNAW.
  • Mar 2007 - BES Annual Symposium on Ecology and Speciation, Sheffield.


  • NERC
  • Royal Society
  • EU Marie Curie Early Stage Training Network - HOTSPOTS (PI: Dr. Vincent Savolainen)
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Sloan Foundation (PIs: Mark Chase, Robyn Cowan, Kew)

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Research Student Supervision

Davies,J, Environmental energy and species diversity in flowering plants

Reeves,G, Radiation and macroevolutionary ecology of the African genus Protea

Claremont,M, Speciation in tropical marine snails (with Natural History Museum)

Schnitzler,J, Speciation in the Cape biodiversity hotspot (with Vincent Savolainen)

Waterman,R, Diversity of fungal mycorrhiza in a the Cape biodiversity hotspot

Fujisawa,T, Speciation in water beetles

Butlin,J, Evolution of mating systems in homobasidiomycetes

Kisel,Y, Dispersal and speciation