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Dr C M (Tilly) Collins

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Research Fellow



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Tilly is both a Senior Teaching Fellow and a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP). 

In her teaching role she convenes and teaches MSc Research Design and Statistics as well as having a responsibility for the MSc Ecology delivery.  At undergraduate level Tilly is responsible for the CEP's contribution to teaching of Natural Resource Management into the Biology Department. Tilly is also the Senior Women's Tutor for the CEP. Her teaching portfolio includes Entomology, Applied Biology and Statistics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and she received the 2010 Rector's Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 2012 Rector's Award for Excellence in Pastoral Care.

In the research role there are two central strands of interest. One is Urban Ecology with a particular interest in the public use, integration and diversity of green spaces. The other is as part of John Mumford's Risk Management Team within the Environmental Security and Governance Group which contributes to a number of projects nationally and internationally. Tilly's role in this group is currently contributing to field data flow and management for Target Malaria (

Tilly also contributes regularly to the wider media on ecological and entomological topics and has appeared on (amongst others) Radio 4's TODAY show, Blue Peter,  several 'Insect Eating' documentaries and on the pages of many popular and specialist magazines.  She has a PhD (2001) in the ecology of the aphid fauna of willow trees.  After a post doctoral appointment in the Department of Environmental Science & Technology (DEST) of Imperial College, and a teaching appointment in the School of Biology at Leeds University, Tilly returned to Imperial College's Department of Biology in October 2003 where she taught until 2012. Whilst in the Biology department Tilly was the Deputy Senior Tutor and Womens' Tutor.  She convened the second undergraduate year for Biology Degrees, several undergraduate modules and the created the popular MSc in Ecological Applications.

In addition to her work at Imperial College, Tilly has been a Senior Lecturer in Entomology at Harper Adams University College, an Associate with the Environmental Consultancy, Collingwood Environmental Planning, an outreach volunteer for Insects in Schools a School Govenor at the Phoenix High School in White City and a Queen's Park rangers supporter.....



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