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Research at the Next Generation Neural Interfaces (NGNI) Lab at Imperial is creating innovative neurotechnologies to enable communication between the nervous system and electronic devices -- for research tools and medical devices.

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Research Student Supervision

Ahmadi,N, Real-time Neural Decoding (lf-LFP processing) for Implantable BMIs (2016-2020)

Barsakcioglu,D, Resource Efficient On-Node Spike Sorting (2011-2015)

Cavuto,M, Investigation of Insertion Mechanism to Achieve Chronic Recording Stability of Semi-Rigid Neural Probe (2018-)

Guven,O, Computationally-Efficient Algorithms For Real-Time ECG Baseline Removal (2011-2016)

Haci,D, Intrabody Power & Data Communication Systems for Advanced Multi-Module Neural Implants (2015-2020)

Hsieh,B, Microdevices to Investigate Sleep and Temperature Regulation in Mice (2017-)

Lauteslager,T, Coherent ultra-wideband radar-on-chip for biomedical sensing and imaging (2015-2020)

Leene,L, Brain Machine Interfaces: Low Power Techniques for CMOS Based System Integration (2012-2016)

Luan,S, Integrated Electronics for Targeted Intraspinal Microstimulation (2010-2014)

Maslik,M, Microelectronics for Next Generation Neural Interfaces (2016-)

Mazza,F, Integrated sensors for ensuring chronic reliability in mm-sized neural implants (2016-2020)

Paraskevopoulou,S, Hardware-Efficient Algorithms and Circuits for Highly Scalable BMIs (2009-2013)

Peilong,F, Completely wireless infrastructure for distributed mm-sized neural implants (2015-2020)

Rapeaux,A, Algorithms and Systems for Highly-Selective Neural Stimulation and Recording (2015-2020)

Savolainen,O, Microelectronics for Next Generation Neural Interfaces (2018-)

Serb,A, Electro-Optic Platform for Free Space CMOS Photonics (2009-2013)

Szostak,K, Design and manufacture of mm-sized neural implants (2015-2020)

Troiani,F, Optical Neural Recording for Large-Scale Activity Monitoring (2014-2018)

Williams,I, Methods and Microelectronics for Proprioceptive Neural Feedback (2010-2014)

Woods,S, Wireless Capsule Endoscope for Targeted Drug Delivery (2009-2016)

Zhang,Z, Neural Signal Processing for Implantable Medical Devices (2019-)