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AB - Objective: To estimate the economic impact achieved by global effortsto accelerate the introduction of new vaccines and increaseimmunization coverage in 73 lowand middleincome countries (LMICs)in the two decades following the launch of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance(20012020).Methods: Based on relevant health impact models, we assessed theeconomic impact of achieving forecastedimmunizationcoverageforvaccinationagainsttenvaccinepreventablediseases:Haemophilusinfluenzaetypeb,hepatitisB,humanpapillomavirus,Japaneseencephalitis,measles,NeisseriameningitidisserogroupA,rotavirus,rubella,Streptococcuspneumoniae,andyellowfever.Wemodeledavertedtreatmentcosts,transportationcosts,productivitylossofcaregivers,andproductivitylossduetodisabilityanddeathcomparedtonovaccination.Thevalueoflifeyearmethodestimatedtheeconomicandsocialvalueoflivinglongerinbetterhealthasaresultofimmunization.FindingsVaccinationisestimatedtoavertover20milliondeathsandsave$350billionincostofillnessover20012020in73countries.Morethanhalfofthesebenefits($250billion)resultfromvaccinationinthecurrentdecade(20112020).Lifetimeproductivitygainsfrompreventingdeathsanddisabilityareprojectedat$330billionand$9billion,respectively.Immunizationovertheentire20yearperiodisestimatedtopreventnearly$5billionintreatmentcostsoverthelifetimeofvaccinatedcohorts.Thebroadereconomicandsocialvalueofvaccinationfrom20012020isworth$820billionin73LMICs.Conclusion:Theimpactofimmunizationgoesbeyondhealth,preventingsignificantcostsandpotentiallyincreasingeconomicproductivityamongtheworld’spoorestcountries
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