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Hello. I'm Tom Hockenhull, a third year Ph.D. student working under the supervision of Dr. Jacob Rasmussen and Prof. Richard Thomas on knot theory and 3-manifold topology - more specifically, I am presently interested in calculating the bordered Floer homology of Lipshitz, Ozsváth and Thurston for some specific classes of manifold.

This is my 'official' homepage. I also have another homepage which may or may not be more representative of me.

Should you wish to contact me, my Imperial email address is over to the left. This is set up to redirect to another address, but computers being as they are it may be helpful to state here that that email address is thomas dot (my surname) at gmail dot com.

P.S. The photo to the left is of me wearing a crown because it was taken on my twenty fifth birthday.

My comic strip and poster

I draw a comic strip based around topology, for Chalkdust magazine. You can find it here on the Chalkdust website, or, if you'd prefer, I have a mirror on my own website which might read a little easier, if you'd prefer.

I also made a poster, with Marco Marengon, which won the poster competition for the whole university. It can be found here: Invariants and Categorification.


I am organising this year's ECSTATIC conference in topology at Imperial college.

Breaking news conference alert everyone attend

I am co-organising this year's ECSTATIC conference in topology at Imperial college this year. It will be a blast. see above for this year's workshop.

Hooray Marco Marengon and I won the poster competition

Here is a link to the poster, it is titled 'Invariants and Categorification'.

Here is a link to the homepage of my partner in crime.

Where I've been and will be

29/10/16: Visiting, Princeton University, Princeton

19/07/16: 3-manifolds and Floer theories, University of Regensburg, Regensburg

13/06/16: ECSTATIC: Early Career Stage Topologists AT Imperial College 2, Imperial College, London (organiser).

06/06/15: Perspectives in topology and geometry of 4-manifolds, Inter University Center, Dubrovnik

07/05/16: Visiting, University of Oregon, Oregon (three weeks)

25/08/15: Interactions between three and four manifolds, Trinity College, Dublin

11/06/15: ECSTATIC: Early Career Stage Topologists AT Imperial College, Imperial College, London (organiser).

19/03/15: An afternoon in Low Dimensions, ICMS, Edinburgh & University of Glasgow, Glasgow

26/08/14: Homological invariants in low-dimensional topology and geometry, Trinity College, Dublin

23/06/14: What's Next? The mathematical legacy of Bill Thurston, Cornell, Ithaca

06/06/14: Young Topology Meeting UK 2014,  Imperial College, London (Co-organiser)

07/04/14: British Mathematical Colloquium 2014, Queen Mary University of London, London

30/01/14: VIII Workshop on Symplectic Geometry, Contact Geometry and interactions, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon

15/11/13: London Mathematical Society AGM and graduate student meeting, Russell Square, London

25/10/13: Groups and Geometry in the South East, University College London, London

A useful list of seminars in London which I attend with varying regularities


Imperial Junior Knot Theory and Geometric Topology Seminar & Reading Group (this needs a catchier name) this now has a catchy name: it has been re-branded as the TAKTIC seminar, presumably to appeal to a younger, hipper demographic.

London Topology and Geometry seminar

Imperial Junior Geometry Seminar

UCL and KCL Geometry Seminar

UCL Junior Geometry Seminar

Has anybody bothered to read this far down?

Here is picture of a cat with an umbrella stand which I drew.

Here is a video of a seal pup being encouraged (you may wish to imagine that you are the seal pup)

Here is a picture of my term-time cat, with Schweppes™ and hyperbolic geometry™ product placement

Here is a photograph of a doorway and a telephone box which I took in Lisbon whilst I was there for a conference (I am a bit proud of it can you tell?)