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With an increased focus on long-term, mobile, and even home-based monitoring for preventive screening and early detection of diseases, radar-based biosensing and imaging applications have gained interest due to the potentially low cost and small size of the required hardware. Besides non-contact applications such as heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring and fall detection for the elderly, radar technology has been applied previously for screening of the cardiovascular system, breast cancer imaging and stroke detection.

The recent innovation of a UWB radar-on-chip provides the opportunity of in-body radar imaging with extremely small and low-cost electronics. The goal of this research is to investigate the challenges and opportunities of using coherent UWB radar-on-chip for medical sensing and imaging.


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A 3-minute presentation on my current research: 'Functional neuroimaging using impulse radar’, a project supervised by Dr Timothy Constandinou from the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, Imperial College London.