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Thomas Rath studied Industrial Chemistry at Graz University of Technology. After a research stay at Tallinn University of Technology he finished his PhD focusing on nanocomposite materials for solar cell applications at the Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials under the supervision of Prof. Franz Stelzer in 2008. After that he joined the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Nanocomposite Solar cells headed by Prof. Gregor Trimmel as postdoctoral research associate. Since 2013 he is a Visiting Researcher at Imperial College London in the group of Dr. Saif Haque working on his Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship Project (Chemical Interface Tailoring in Hybrid Solar Cells) funded by the Austrian Science Fund.

His main research interests are in situ preparation routes towards nanocomposite layers for hybrid solar cells as well as the device assembly, interface properties and characterisation of hybrid solar cells. Moreover, he focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of semiconducting metal sulphide nanoparticles with special focus on copper zinc tin sulphide.



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Hoefler SF, Trimmel G, Rath T, 2017, Progress on lead-free metal halide perovskites for photovoltaic applications: a review, Monatshefte Fur Chemie, Vol:148, ISSN:0026-9247, Pages:795-826

Knall A-C, Jones AOF, Kunert B, et al., 2017, Synthesis of a conjugated pyrrolopyridazinedione-benzodithiophene (PPD-BDT) copolymer and its application in organic and hybrid solar cells, Monatshefte Fur Chemie, Vol:148, ISSN:0026-9247, Pages:855-862

Reishofer D, Rath T, Ehmann HM, et al., 2017, Biobased Cellulosic-CuInS2 Nanocomposites for Optoelectronic Applications, Acs Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol:5, ISSN:2168-0485, Pages:3115-3122

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