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I am currently associated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London as Research Associate.

My research interests include multiscale modelling of manufacturing processes to understand the mechanism occurring at different length scales (nano-micro-macro) and ways to couple them.

My current research work involves dynamic density functional theory (DDFT) and continuum scale modelling of high performance supercapacitors using ionic liquids. 

I am well equipped with some of the advanced modelling/ simulation tools that include LAMMPS and VMD for molecular dynamics simulation, COMSOL Multiphysics for FEM, MATLAB, “R” in addition to hands on experience on various micro machining techniques that include micro EDM, LIGA, photo chemical machining etc. I have also used numerous advanced characterization techniques that include X-ray micro computed tomography, nano indentation, SEM, EBSD, EDS.



Roy T, Sarkar PS, Balasubramaniam R, 2020, Non-destructive surface characterization of reverse micro-EDM-induced arrayed mu-features with varying aspect ratio, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol:107, ISSN:0268-3768, Pages:2609-2622

Roy T, Datta D, Balasubramaniam R, 2020, Debris based discharge segregation in reverse micro EDM, Measurement, Vol:153, ISSN:0263-2241

Roy T, Balasubramaniam R, 2020, Fabrication, characterization and comparative analysis of mechanical properties of micro features generated by reverse micro EDM, Microsystem Technologies-micro-and Nanosystems-information Storage and Processing Systems, Vol:26, ISSN:0946-7076, Pages:625-632

Roy T, Balasubramaniam R, 2020, Influence of ion-rich plasma discharge channel on unusually high discharging points in reverse micro electrical discharge machining, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol:106, ISSN:0268-3768, Pages:4467-4475

Roy T, Sabharwal TP, Kumar M, et al., 2020, Mathematical modelling of superhydrophobic surfaces for determining the correlation between water contact angle and geometrical parameters, Precision Engineering-journal of the International Societies for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, Vol:61, ISSN:0141-6359, Pages:55-64

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