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AB - Certain concrete "ontological models" for quantum mechanics (models in whichmeasurement outcomes are deterministic and quantum states are equivalent toclassical probability distributions over some space of `hidden variables') areexamined. The models are generalizations of Kochen and Specker's such model fora single 2-dimensional system - in particular a model for a three dimensionalquantum system is considered in detail. Unfortunately, it appears the models donot quite reproduce the quantum mechanical statistics. They do, however, comeclose to doing so, and in as much as they simply involve probabilitydistributions over the complex projective space they do reproduce pretty mucheverything else in quantum mechanics. The Kochen-Specker theorem is examined in the light of these models, and therather mild nature of the manifested contextuality is discussed.
AU - Rudolph,T
PY - 2006///
TI - Ontological Models for Quantum Mechanics and the Kochen-Specker theorem
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