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Current Research

Since October 2010, I'm supporting the Dept. of Public Health and Primary Case in statistical analyses. The bottom line of the project is the assessment of an intervention in the health system. For example, the Quality Outcome Framework (QOF) has been extend in the district Hammersmith & Fulham to QOF+ by more ambitious incentives. We analyze the effect of this intervention to assess its benefits and relate it to the costs.

Other Involvements

In addition to my affiliation at Imperial College, I'm studying in the MPA International Development program of the London School of Economics (more). Before I arrived to London, I was PostDoc at Harvard University in Computational Molecular Biology and Biostatistics. Here is some more information about my research in Boston. Our latest contribution related a new DNA modification (hydroxymethylation) to cancer in humans was recently published in Nature (read here more). I also studied Philosophy and I'm interested in Theory of Science, Bioethics and Theory of Justice (read more here). 


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