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Understanding and quantifying the effect of variability in surface processes and the sedimentary record is vital for both predicting future landscape change and for deciphering landscape response to paleo-environmental conditions. These are of paramount importance for sustainable management of landscapes during a time of climate change and anthropogenic interference.

My research aims are centered around answering two broad questions: (a) How do modern geomorphic processes, which show variability over a wide range of spatiotemporal scales, interact and manifest themselves in landscape form and function?; (b) What is the depositional signature of these processes in the sedimentary record? To address these research questions, I use an interdisciplinary, integrated approach that combines an in-depth understanding of modern geomorphic processes and ancient sedimentary deposits with the hydrodynamics of sediment transport and loose-boundary hydraulics typically undertaken within a civil engineering context. I approach these problems using a suite of laboratory experiments, sediment-transport theory, targeted fieldwork, and field-data compilation. 

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ganti V, Chadwick AJ, Hassenruck-Gudipati HJ, et al., 2016, Experimental river delta size set by multiple floods and backwater hydrodynamics, Science Advances, Vol:2, Pages:e1501768-e1501768

Golombek MP, Warner NH, Ganti V, et al., 2014, Small crater modification on Meridiani Planum and implications for erosion rates and climate change on Mars, Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, Vol:119, ISSN:2169-9097, Pages:2522-2547

Ganti V, Chu Z, Lamb MP, et al., 2014, Testing morphodynamic controls on the location and frequency of river avulsions on fans versus deltas: Huanghe (Yellow River), China, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol:41, ISSN:0094-8276, Pages:7882-7890

Ganti V, Lamb MP, McElroy B, 2014, Quantitative bounds on morphodynamics and implications for reading the sedimentary record, Nature Communications, Vol:5

Ganti V, Paola C, Foufoula-Georgiou E, 2013, Kinematic controls on the geometry of the preserved cross sets, Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, Vol:118, ISSN:2169-9003, Pages:1296-1307

Ganti V, Straub KM, Foufoula-Georgiou E, et al., 2011, Space-time dynamics of depositional systems: Experimental evidence and theoretical modeling of heavy-tailed statistics, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol:116, ISSN:0148-0227

Ganti V, Meerschaert MM, Foufoula-Georgiou E, et al., 2010, Normal and anomalous diffusion of gravel tracer particles in rivers, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol:115, ISSN:0148-0227, Pages:n/a-n/a

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