Imperial College London

Vasilis Kontis

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Research Associate







524Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





I am a Research Associate in the Environment and Global Health Research Group

My research focuses on mathematical and statistical modelling for health risk assessment. I have recently been studying forecasting methods for predicting future mortality and life expectancy.



Bentham J, Di Cesare M, Stevens GA, et al., 2016, A century of trends in adult human height, Elife, Vol:5, ISSN:2050-084X

Kontis V, Ottobre M, Zegarlinski B, 2016, Markov semigroups with hypocoercive-type generator in infinite dimensions: Ergodicity and smoothing, Journal of Functional Analysis, Vol:270, ISSN:0022-1236, Pages:3173-3223

Tzoulaki I, Elliott P, Kontis V, et al., 2016, Worldwide Exposures to Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Associated Health Effects Current Knowledge and Data Gaps, Circulation, Vol:133, ISSN:0009-7322, Pages:2314-+

Bennett JE, Li G, Foreman K, et al., 2015, The future of life expectancy and life expectancy inequalities in England and Wales: Bayesian spatiotemporal forecasting, Lancet, Vol:386, ISSN:0140-6736, Pages:163-170

Bennett JE, Li G, Kontis V, et al., 2015, Future inequalities in life expectancy in England and Wales Reply, Lancet, Vol:386, ISSN:0140-6736, Pages:2391-2392

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