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Research Fellow in Gene Activation



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Dr Reebye is involved in the development of therapeutic gain of function studies using novel RNA activation strategies. His work involves close collaboration with private biotechnology and international academic institutions both in the US and Asia. These versatile and powerful new tools for gene activation has shown an impact in experimental regenerative medicine by redirecting adult stem cells towards a surrogate insulin secreting phenotype and also in oncology by improving liver function and loss of tumour burden in cirrhotic models. 



Zhou J, Li H, Xia X, et al., 2019, Anti-inflammatory Activity of MTL-CEBPA, a Small Activating RNA Drug, in LPS-Stimulated Monocytes and Humanized Mice, Molecular Therapy, Vol:27, ISSN:1525-0016, Pages:999-1016

Zhao X, Reebye V, Hitchen P, et al., 2019, Mechanisms involved in the activation of C/EBP alpha by small activating RNA in hepatocellular carcinoma, Oncogene, Vol:38, ISSN:0950-9232, Pages:3446-3457

Reebye V, Huang K-W, Lin V, et al., 2018, Gene activation of CEBPA using saRNA: preclinical studies of the first in human saRNA drug candidate for liver cancer, Oncogene, Vol:37, ISSN:0950-9232, Pages:3216-3228


Sodergren MH, Huang K-W, Reebye V, et al., 2019, MTL-CEBPA combined with radiofrequency ablation and immunotherapy enhances immunological anti-tumour response in an HCC mouse model, Annual Meeting of the American-Association-for-Cancer-Research (AACR), AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH, ISSN:0008-5472

Habib NA, Sodergren M, Reebye V, et al., 2019, Drug Candidate MTL-CEBPA Sensitises Solid Tumours to Standard of Care Therapies, 22nd Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Gene-and-Cell-Therapy (ASGCT), CELL PRESS, Pages:333-333, ISSN:1525-0016

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