Imperial College London


Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Research Fellow







Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Wing (QEQM)St Mary's Campus






Lebosse F, Gudd C, Tunc E, et al., 2019, CD8+ T cells from patients with cirrhosis display a phenotype that may contribute to cirrhosis-associated immune dysfunction, Ebiomedicine, ISSN:2352-3964

Bernsmeier C, Triantafyllou E, Brenig R, et al., 2017, CD14+CD15-HLA-DR- myeloid-derived suppressor cells impair antimicrobial responses in patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure, Gut, Vol:67, ISSN:1468-3288, Pages:1155-1167

Triantafyllou E, Pop O, Possamai L, et al., 2017, MerTK expressing hepatic macrophages promote the resolution of inflammation in acute liver failure, Gut, Vol:67, ISSN:1468-3288, Pages:333-347

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Vergis N, Khamri W, Beale K, et al., 2016, Defective monocyte oxidative burst predicts infection in alcoholic hepatitis and is associated with reduced expression of NADPH oxidase, Gut, Vol:66, ISSN:1468-3288, Pages:519-529

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