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Professor Tom Pike

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Professor of Microengineering



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I am usually working on the development of microinstruments for space and terrestrial applications, and data analysis of their outputs. I currently have several projects:

  • Development of silicon microseismometers for Mars and elsewhere in the solar system. Our sensors are now operating on the surface of Mars on NASA's InSight mission
  • Analysing the seismic data returned from InSight
  • Developing gravity sensing for the Earth

I lecture Advanced Devices to second-year students, as well as tutor and demonstrate in the practical classes. 

I am happy to supervise PhDs in these and related projects, and currently have funded PhD studentships available for UK/EU applicants

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Panning MP, Pike WT, Lognonne P, et al., 2020, On-Deck Seismology: Lessons from InSight for Future Planetary Seismology, Journal of Geophysical Research-planets, Vol:125, ISSN:2169-9097

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