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Xiangnan Bu enrolled in Imperial College London in 2007 as an undergraduate.  He was previously supervised by Prof. Molly Stevens on Biomedical materials and Regenerative Medicine. During his third year, he worked 9 months at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg on investigating novel techniques to fabricate bioceramics scaffold and optimizing their mechanical properties for Tissue Engineering. After he obtained his MEng Honor in 2012, he shifted his research interest to Hybrids Solar cell and joined Dr. Saif’s group in Chemistry Department in October.

Xiangnan Bu is currently working on a project regarding on fabrication and optimization of hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells, which is with the DTC in Plastic Electronics under the supervision of Dr.Saif Haque and Prof. John de Mello. The project involves design, fabrication, optimization and application of hybrid organic/inorganic solar cells combining blends of semiconducting polymers and nanocrystalline inorganic semiconductors within the active layer. The specific objective will be to develop optimized protocols for device fabrication in terms of blend composition, layer thicknesses, electrodes choice and interlayer materials selection with a view to maximizing power conversion efficiencies. The project will also combine manual and automated device fabrication procedures and will seek to provide a lower cost, higher performance, and more robust alternative to conventional organic solar cells.



Aristidou N, Eames C, Sanchez-Molina I, et al., 2017, Fast oxygen diffusion and iodide defects mediate oxygen-induced degradation of perovskite solar cells, Nature Communications, Vol:8, ISSN:2041-1723

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