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Professor Yiannis Demiris

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Professor of Human-Centred Robotics, Head of ISN



+44 (0)20 7594 6300y.demiris Website




1014Electrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus






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AB - Encoders have been an inseparable part of robotssince the very beginning of modern robotics in the 1950s. As aresult, the foundations of robot control are built on the conceptsof kinematics and dynamics of articulated rigid bodies, whichrely on explicitly measuring the robot configuration in termsof joint angles – done by encoders.In this paper, we propose a radically new concept forcontrolling robots called Encoderless Robot Control (EnRoCo).The concept is based on our hypothesis that it is possible tocontrol a robot without explicitly measuring its joint angles, bymeasuring instead the effects of the actuation on its end-effector.To prove the feasibility of this unconventional control approach,we propose a proof-of-concept control algorithm for encoderlessposition control of a robot’s end-effector in task space. Wedemonstrate a prototype implementation of this controller ina dynamics simulation of a two-link robot manipulator. Theprototype controller is able to successfully control the robot’send-effector to reach a reference position, as well as to trackcontinuously a desired trajectory.Notably, we demonstrate how this novel controller can copewith something that traditional control approaches fail to do:adapt on-the-fly to changes in the kinematics of the robot, suchas changing the lengths of the links.
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