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Zulfikar Najmudin is a Professor of Physics and is currently Deputy Director of the John-Adams Institute.

The John-Adams Institute is a joint Institute for research and advancement of accelerator science with the University of Oxford and Royal Holloway College, London. Prof. Najmudin directs the division at  Imperial College that specialises in plasma based particle acceleration.

He has been a Lecturer in the Plasma Physics group in the Blackett Laboratory since 2001, and a Professor of Physics since 2011.

His research interests include interaction of high intensity laser with matter, laser-driven fusion and next generation particle accelerators.

He has been responsible for several major advances in the field of laser-plasma particle acceleration, including the first acceleration of electrons to >100 MeV, the first demonstration of narrow energy spread electron beams from laser wakefield accelerators, the first demonstration of (narrow-energy spread) shock acceleration of proton beams, and the brightest measurements yet of x-ray radiation from a laser wakefield accelerator.



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