Picture of Dr Pierluigi Amadori
Dr Pierluigi Vito Amadori

Dr Pierluigi Vito Amadori joined the Personal Robotics Lab as a Research Associate in September 2017 as a part of the MURI grant on “Closed-Loop Multisensory Brain-Computer Interfaces for Enhanced Decision Accuracy”. He received his Ph.D. Degree In Electronic Engineering from University College London (UCL) in April 2017 with the Thesis topic: “Energy Efficient Large Scale Antenna Systems for 5G Communications and Beyond”. His research in UCL focused on Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless communications, with emphasis on large-scale antenna array systems and energy efficient communications.

Before being a Ph.D. candidate in the Electronic and Engineering Department at University College London, he received the M.Sc. degree with honours in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome, Italy, in 2013. Between 2012 and 2013 he held a JPL Visiting Student Researchers Program position in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA (USA).

His research interests lie in the areas of user modelling and user assistance in high-speed simulated driving. 



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