The Imperial Award can be earned by your tutee to go on their graduation transcript, alongside their degree. It formally recognises their personal development. It is voluntary but designed for all. Even if they do not submit statements to the College assessor panel, they will benefit from using the online tools to develop their CVs. Do urge your tutee to register online, via ICU.

Personal Tutors already discuss personal development with tutees; that doesn’t change, even if the tutee does not register for the Award. But the Award gives a sharper purpose when discussing extracurricular learning and personal development. Online tools, workshops and peer support means that Award tutees have resources in addition to you: a win-win on resources. 

Simone Buitendijk


"Imperial students don’t wait until graduation to start making an impact on others. Personal Tutors see this more clearly than most and have a privileged position to foster that development."

Professor Simone Buitendijk

Vice Provost (Education)

Three Streams of Imperial Award Attributes
Stream 1
Independent open-minded thought
Stream 2
Effective teamwork
Stream 3 
Self-awareness and active self-management
Innovative approach Communication and active listening Critical self-analysis/ self-evalutation
Creativity Motivation Social conscience
Practical, intelligent problem-solving Awareness of group dynamics and collaboration Recognising opportunities
Enterprising mindset Strategic mindset Global mindset
What the Imperial Award recognises

For descriptions of these streams and attributes, see pages 14 & 15 in the Student Guidance pack (PDF).