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Starfish is a student/tutor pastoral and academic support system and its purpose is to support staff in helping the student throughout their academic life at the College.

The departments currently using Starfish are:

  • Bioengineering (for Undergraduates)
  • Chemistry (for Undergraduates)
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering (for Undergraduates and Postgraduate Research)
  • Design Engineering (for Undergraduates)
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (for Undergraduates)
  • Life Sciences (for Undergraduates)
  • Mechanical Engineering (for Undergraduates)
  • Chemical Engineering (for Undergraduates)
  • Aeronautics (Piloting)

To login to Starfish click here.

If you would like to leave feedback or raise a question, please contact your departmental Starfish representative who should be your first point of contact. Alternatively you can raise a request via ASK (in the system selection choose ‘Starfish’).